Stay on Track! conversation skills

This resource is jam packed FULL of visuals for you to use when teaching children how to stay on track in conversations (i.e. maintain conversational topics) and repair conversations when they get derailed.

Includes 27 pages of visuals!
* Conversational rules brainstorming A4 sheet
* Listen before you speak visuals – what to actually listen for!
* Stay on track – train based visuals to support topic maintenance
* Question, Comment & Interjection train carriage visuals that will allow you to visually demonstrate a conversational map
* Visuals for questions, comments and interjections to use in conversations
* I can listen and talk with my body carriage visuals and specific visuals to support non-verbal communication
* Small printable that will sit on a student/child’s desk to remind them to use their skills in the classroom setting or at home
* Facilitator visuals to be able to support great conversations
* Visuals for repair strategies
* AND more…

You will also receive Teacher’s notes pages, that outlines how you can use the visuals with your students/children.

But the sky is the limit! Use these visuals anyway you like to encourage conversations.

Let’s get ADHD Done Differently.

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