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Are you at your wits end trying to work effectively with children with ADHD in the classroom?

We are here to help you!!

This resource outlines evidence-based strategies to get children with ADHD working more effectively in your classroom.


Does your child with ADHD get easily stressed or struggle with emotional dysregulation?

Do you struggle to know how to help them?

This resource outlines 3 simple strategies, complete with visuals, to add to your child’s toolkit for when they are stressed, nervous, or emotionally dysregulated.

ADHD Done Differently Blog Posts

HELP! I can’t do it all
In my Facebook saved folder, Pinterest boards and saved on my computer, I have hundreds of articles, suggestions, posts, and videos saved about raising children with ADHD. I am passionate about making sure my children reach their full potential. Anything …
Take Pause
Parenting is hard. Parenting children with ADHD can feel impossible. The truth is that families who have a child with ADHD live with a significantly increased amount of stress compared with families of neurotypical (non-ADHD) children. If you have two …
School Mornings
My kids started back to school again today for Term 3, after our mid-year holidays. And of course, this means the morning routine that goes along with it. Mornings are especially difficult for children and adolescents with ADHD – and …


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I understand the highs and lows of loving and living with children with ADHD.

I have extensive clinical experience working with children in a clinical and educational setting who have ADHD and co-morbid disorders.

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I really look forward to reading your blog posts. Your lived experience really adds to the information you share. The strategies are easy to implement and the resources are great! Thanks

M, Australia

Building Emotional Literacy Resource:

“This is a great resource, thank you. The Emotion Cards are a great way I can talk to my preschooler about how he’s feeling when he doesn’t have the vocabulary to express it himself. I can’t wait to use the Book Discussion Guide with him when he’s a bit older!”

P – Newcastle, NSW, AU

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