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What does a Speech Pathologist have to do with ADHD?
Did you know that a speech pathologist (or speech-language pathologist) can have a vital role in the ADHD team? I have been a speech pathologist for almost 20 years and have extensive experience working with children with and without ADHD. …
Fill that Fuel Tank
Research over the past 20-30 years, has led to significant changes in the way we view ADHD. We now know that ADHD is not a behavioural disorder, as once thought, but a complex neurodevelopmental disorder. We also now know that …
You don’t have to cherish every moment
I went to an ADHD workshop a couple of years ago. It was great. I sat in a room of mums and dads, who were all dealing with similar issues to me. The presenter was a mum like me, just …


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I understand the highs and lows of loving and living with children with ADHD.

I have extensive clinical experience working with children in a clinical and educational setting who have ADHD and co-morbid disorders.

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I really look forward to reading your blog posts. Your lived experience really adds to the information you share. The strategies are easy to implement and the resources are great! Thanks

M, Australia

Building Emotional Literacy Resource:

“This is a great resource, thank you. The Emotion Cards are a great way I can talk to my preschooler about how he’s feeling when he doesn’t have the vocabulary to express it himself. I can’t wait to use the Book Discussion Guide with him when he’s a bit older!”

P – Newcastle, NSW, AU

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